Businessman best quotes

CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC are the same in how they report mostly that America is wrong and bad. Roger Ailes I don’t have any focus groups on talent and programming. If I need five people in a mall to be paid $40 to tell me how to do my job, I shouldn’t do my […]

Boxing Quotes

To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other. Jack Handy Sure, there have been deaths and injuries in boxing, but none of them serious. Alan Minter All the time he’s boxing, he’s thinking. All the time he was thinking, I was hitting him. Jack […]

Buddha quotes

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies […]

David Blaine Quotes

I believe that fear of life brings a greater fear of death. In truth, the only restrictions on our capacity to astonish ourselves and each other are imposed by our own minds. I have not had time to reflect on my own truths in many years. As a kid, I always was obsessed with Houdini. […]

Quotes about Birth Control

A birth control pill for men, that’s fair. It makes more sense to take the bullets out of the gun than to wear a bulletproof vest. Author Unknown No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she […]