// 2016 Horoscopes and Forecasts


Always teeming with innovative ideas and very busy, you feel perfectly assured: you will not doubt your authority and your legitimacy. Jupiter thank you! Very impressive peak activity in March: it’s time to focus all your forces to launch a new project. Banzai!

Job> This is the time of establishing yourself as the undisputed leader in your specialty. Be meekness face of criticism, you disarm them.

Couples> A fulfilling year, provided that you know put water in your wine, especially in March. Do not ask the moon to your half!

Ah, opportunities, there will be: big thunderbolt potential in March was hot enough twists and passionate in December. Olé!

Silver> You enjoy life but suddenly you do not do a lot of savings.

Shape> Sport is the best way to relieve your tensions. In March you will be a bomb of energy!


In 2016, you’ll want to enjoy the pleasures of life and free yourself from the constraints! The first half will be under the sign-probably a little disorderly expansion. You will be less exuberant and more pragmatic in September, while remaining protected by a happy and positive impulses.

Job> If you have a colleague in the nose, April will be the time to tell him a few home truths. The problem is that you do not necessarily go hand dead …

Couples> Your good mood is contagious … and your spouse’s interest to follow: if not, you will have fun without him!

You will forage throughout the year, without necessarily taking things seriously. In August-September, you’ll be particularly naughty mood.

Silver> Fairly substantial expenses in April and some budgetary wrangling expected in August. But the return will restore all that!

Shape> You feel much better than previous years. Watch your line, some excesses are possible.


2016 will be placed under the sign of taking responsibility. Sometimes you have to sacrifice, accept certain limits or slowdowns, “prune” to continue your way. You will lose in fancy, carelessness and ability to improvise, certainly … but you gain in rigor and organizational skills.

Job> Until August, take the time to take stock lucidly. From September to December, read out all the terms of the contracts you sign.

Couples> Fatigue, lassitude? A distance could be established. Be sure to rekindle the flame.

Opportunities from May to August. But if a relationship is not living up to what you hope it does not happen this fall.

Silver> You are a little tight in the armholes. Courage, it will not last.

Shape> Lead a regular life and make sure you take rest periods to fully recover.


An interesting year of introspection, which could lead to questioning: Pluto gives you the opportunity to thoroughly review your beliefs and choices and to sort to move on – only when necessary! In July, family issues take on particular importance.

Job> Keep calm face of possible provocations current March. From September, your organizational skills and your efficiency will fly.

Couples> The motivations of your spouse escape you? Not necessarily looking to dig, live your life.

Beware of rivalry situations that stir jealousy. Keep it simple: perhaps happiness where you do not see it.

Silver> Some small follies in March, July and December could come to disturb your good mother management. But nothing dramatic though …

Shape> “If you do not hear the whispers of your body, you will hear his cries” rightly says the proverb. Do not leave small symptoms!


Very forceful, as excessive as warm, you could lose a little sense of proportion the first four months of the year. Fortunately, from May to July, you canalize your charisma for useful purposes. Go for it, you can get what you want! End of the year will draw you review the past months.

Job> Yes, the leader is you … but listen anyway others! Your success will be maximum at the beginning of the summer. Some conflicts of authority expected in August.

Couples> Chabadabada … You are a duo who throws and made many envious.

You attract all eyes. In the first eight months of the year, especially in March and June, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Silver> You lead the high life, without counting! Attention to the end of the summer it could jam …

Form> What fishing! Make still careful not to burn the candle at both ends.


In the first months of the year you may feel hampered by constraints, but also by the lack of clarity of your family. From October, the blur will dissipate and things will become much more obvious and simple to manage: you return confidence to finish the year in style.

Job> Some muddles expected until summer: stay behind. Autumn will be more favorable to your projects.

Couples> You have things to settle early in the year to then be able to enjoy your duet.

Beware of fake prince charming who promise wonders: test reliability!

Silver> You remain prudent and reasonable: an attitude that will allow you to finish the year well.

Shape> You might be inclined to somatization, feel diffuse pains. To log out of your worries, why not try meditation?


Positive and enterprising period until the end of August you make the most of what life brings. From September, unanticipated be expected. They will put your patience to the test, but you will not let you provided destabilize. You manage the ups as downs with equal mastery!

Job> Your strong foundation allow you to weather the ambient pressure. You will know you put intelligently in value, without overwriting your colleagues.

Couples> Uranus shakes your vision of life together to better enable you to evolve together. Give it time.

Magnetic meetings throughout the year and particularly in March and December. If you learn to manage the uncertainty that goes with it will be happiness!

Silver> Try to save a little early this year: your finances will be a little sawtooth from September, due to unexpected expenses.

Shape> Good overall strength but you are not immune to small domestic accidents. Do not act in haste, keep safe!


The first half of 2016 looks pretty light, almost carefree: not want to take your head, you’ve had your dose of years past. So carpe diem and after the flood you! Following this friendly phase failure, you will leave attack in the fall, with new projects.

Job> You’re struggling to support higher that you will not believe. Resist the urge to take the door you first build a reliable plan B.

Couples> You want to give free rein to your attractiveness. Make sure your half do not take umbrage, eh! J

Want to get in “fatal woman ‘mode? Go ahead and bet especially in the month of April.

Silver> Your finances are pretty good, but your ability to also spend!

Form> You are more hedonistic bodybuilder this year!


When an adventurous eager for freedom is overtaken by the reality principle, that first made sparks: constraints, you do not like … But then you go over them with flying colors! Finish off you until August ambitious projects. Last quarter, starting a long process … Hardi!

Job> You’ve landed new responsibilities? Inevitably, it weighs: you need time to adapt. But admit that you are so proud …

Couples> pragmatic Ultra, ultra efficient, romance does not choke you. But the family business running.

You leave little room for a merry this year. If you do not accept pretenders to slip into your calendar, they will not last long!

Silver> Do not like the material limits normally. But there, they will allow you to optimize your daily management.

Shape> You lose energy you win endurance and knowledge of your physical limits … Besides, stick to them!


Focused and determined, you ripen in secret a new turn. From May to September, you will cross perhaps moments of doubt and be forced to eat away at your brake. The last four months of the year will be highly constructive: it’s time to harvest the fruit of your thoughts and your efforts.

Job> Everything comes in time to those who wait. If you resist the air holes in the first half, you will be duly rewarded at the end of the year.

Couples> Entrenched in your inner world, you do not go always sufficiently accessible to the other. Do not overlook!

If you are looking for a serious relationship it will be necessary to first work on yourself. July is the most promising month.

Silver> You want to rob you of the accessory and focus on the essentials. The opportunity to change your spending habits?

Form> This is a good year to change your look, start a diet or change your lifestyle … Anyway, to make a new look!


You are in a good mood, inflamed and optimistic: the 2016 vintage is a great vintage. So, you take a lot of things: it’s simple, you want to help the earth. The flaw? You are (very) eruptive not (at all) patient and (much) too idealistic. It’s your family that will not be bored!

Job> You know cause your head is useless, is not it? So please, do not give in to temptation early in the year.

Couples> Your exchanges are passionate and passion, one as the other have a tendency to add more and raise the stakes. And if someone whistled halftime?

Your dating potential is very large … But be careful not to slip too quickly in the balance of power with your suitors.

Silver> You do not want to go petty. So, you help your family with a vengeance. Attention, even when you think a little!

Form> You have plenty of energy to burn. Some sport, whatever it is, would do you good.


Empathetic, sensitive to the collective wave you start inconsciemment- -and instinctively in tune with your surroundings. If he is benevolent, that’s all benef ‘: you will cross 2016 as a fish in water. If he is indifferent or even hostile, you’ll struggle to make do. Protect yourself from disappointment!

Job> More in contemplation in action, you feed your creativity. Be careful not to over-idealize your colleagues …

Couples> There may be some misunderstandings because you are not necessarily very clear about your desires …

You are ultra magnetic but have a tendency to play the card of platonic, without even realizing it. Which could discourage suitors.

Silver> Keep budget? Beard! Would you like living on love and fresh water …

Shape> 2016 will not necessarily very active … rather cocooning even, actually!