13 Great filipino proverbs

What good is grass when the horse is already dead?

2. What good is a palace if it’s inhabited by owls. Better a straw hut inhabited by humans.

3.  Life is like a wheel, sometimes (you’re) at the top, sometimes (you’re) at the bottom.

4. What one learns in childhood he carries into adulthood.

5. Those who want (to do something) (find) many ways; Those who don’t want (to do something) (find) many excuses.

6. He who does not love his native language is worse than a beast or a putrid fish.

7. He who does not look back where he came from will never get to his destination.

8. He who believes in hearsay has no sanity.

9. Bad grass does not die easily.

10. One who spends too much time choosing ends up with cracked wares.

11. A person who lies is the sibling of a person who steals.

12. Whatever you do, think about it seven times.

13. It is never too late to offer anything that is good.

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